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Nifty Fashion & Trends - ...global fashion & accessory trends

Nifty stands for fashion and accessories that are hot, stylish, new and fun! We have travelled the world to bring to you the latest brands in urban fashion and streetwear. We take pride in choosing products that are of high quality and have 'something' that makes them special.

This could be the way they've been designed - as with our OOZOO large-faced fashion watches - or the way they've been produced - like our Paperwallet wallets and cardholders made of Tyvek paper - the way they have a message - like our Rastaclat 'positive vibrations' bracelets - or just that they're simply a lot of fun - like our Beardski ski masks, Beard Beanie hats with beards and Faux Real T-shirts with photorealistic prints. If you're looking for a special gift, or want to wear clothing and accessories that not everyone else wears, you are at the right webshop: Nifty Fashion & Trends.

We have put together a truly international range of products that are a bit special and not available on every high street. Our brands come from Brazil, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Netherlands and more. At niftyfashion.co.uk you will find unique and individual designs that go beyond mainstream. And many of our products are a lot of fun and don't take themselves too seriously - also part of the Nifty concept.

The Nifty online shop is run by its owners Catherine & Christian and their small team who all are passionate about our products and about customer service. Excellent customer service is our main priority. You can order easily and comfortably 365 days a year, 24 hours a day from our shop and will receive your items within a few days - all orders are dispatched within 48 hours with many of them the same working day. We offer easy and secure payment options such as PayPal, Credit Card or Pay with Amazon to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding our products or spicystyles in general at any time via email info@niftyfashion.co.uk or per telephone under +44 (0)1932 429581.   

Check out too Facebook and Twitter, where you will find regular updates about new highlights and information about Nifty Fashion & Trends.

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