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spicystyles - ...your global trends

The name spicystyles was born during a beach holiday in Thailand; searching for a name that describes our unique character, the company's founder Marcel Dusold was inspired by the hot and spicy Thai cuisine and came up with the now registered brand. It was clear from the beginning that the word ‘style’ should be part of the name, as the origin of the idea was to act as a global seller of international fashion trends. Finally, after long nights on the beaches of Thailand the child's name was revealed: spicystyles.
The idea is to offer our customers fashion and lifestyle products from around the world. We carefully select our partners to put together an exclusive range of products that meets the sophisticated tastes of our discerning customers, and which is not available on every high street. At you will find unique and individual designs tailored to the taste of style-conscious trendsetters who choose to wear fashion brands that go beyond mainstream.

Here are some of the brands that will feature on our online fashion shop:

Rockstars & Angels

Careful selection of materials is a top priority for the brand Rockstars & Angels, ensuring that T-shirts, caps and accessories are produced to the highest specifications. Founded by the Stuttgart-born Hollywood DJ Sascha Gerecht this brand has not only taken off in LA but is taking Europe by storm too, and we are sure it will also cause a sensation here in the UK!

Eleven Paris

Eleven Paris is a young, creative and accessible brand that doesn't take itself too seriously, as can be seen in its slogan "LIFE IS A JOKE". The most successful styles are the truly innovative, vibrant and provocative shirts, such as the 'must-have' excellent Moustache T-shirt, which proves to be a real eye-catcher with celebrities such as Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss and Rihanna.

Japan Rags

Japan Rags offers premium quality and trendy vintage fashion. Besides sweaters, T-shirts and shirts Japan Rags are primarily known for their jeans, which have a sporty, trendy cut, great for any occasion. It's a little known fact that the production of one pair of jeans can use up to 100 litres of water, and that every year up to 2.3 billion pairs of jeans are "washed out" during production, however, Japan Rags jeans are the first to be bleached without water - a unique process.

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