RASTACLAT Knotaclat Bracelet Khaki - natural

RASTACLAT Knotaclat Bracelet Khaki - natural

£ 18.90 

RASTACLAT Braided Shoelace Bracelet Indigo - navy

RASTACLAT Braided Shoelace Bracelet Indigo - navy

£ 14.90 

**CLEARANCE** HAPPY CLOTHING Fashion T-Shirt V-Neck Wasted Youth

**CLEARANCE** HAPPY CLOTHING Fashion T-Shirt V-Neck Wasted Youth

£ 19.90 £ 9.90 


Global Fashion & Accessories Trends

Beardski, oozoo, Eleven Paris, Faux Real, Happy Socks, Cayler & Sons or We Positive? If you don’t know these names then you haven’t come across Nifty Fashion & Trends, the online shop for the latest - and sometimes quirky - fashion trends from around the world. In our online fashion shop, we stock many brands from different countries, some of them not yet well known in the UK, but on-trend nonetheless. If you are bored of the traditional mainstream brands and you don’t want to wear what everyone else wears, Nifty is the right place to look. In our web store you will find the latest fashion trends from around the world for both women and men, including clothing and footwear as well as bags and other stylish accessories.

hipS-sister – our newest trend

Nifty Fashion & Trends is proud to present these truly nifty waist bands, travelling to the UK from Palm Springs, California/United States. Sonia Kanner created the company hipS-sister based upon the concept of the dreaded bumbag. Sonia strived to create an alternative option that is fashionable, functional, and flattering. “While on a hike with my friends, frustrated because we were all holding our precious iPhones and car keys, I said outloud, "there has to be something out there to hold all this stuff, that is cute and flattering." I spent hours on the computer and I found nothing that I would buy. A simple piece of fabric with pockets! A-ha, I knew I was on to something. What started as one basic "left coast" design has now turned into a fashion frenzy. hipS-sister now comes in a variety of fabrics, styles and colors to accompany you wherever you go, and if you are anything like me, you are ALWAYS on the go. Now you've got that perfect accessory to hold your small personal items and I have no doubt you will love it as much as I do.”

Rastaclat – spreading positive vibrations

Rastaclat comes to the UK from Long Beach, California. Founded from the roots of the sneaker and skateboarding culture, Rastaclat believe in spreading positive vibrations in a world with so many negative occurrences and energies. Rastaclat don’t utilize gimmicks to sell their product or hop on a bandwagon for social cause just because it is popular at the moment. What Rastaclat do guarantee is that the product will get you noticed, instilling confidence. Rastaclat strive for their brand and product to encourage style, and a sense of positivity and freedom of expression. Rastaclat are fortunate to have a unique product that nobody else has – that separates them. And Nifty Fashion & Trends are proud to bring these great bracelets, belts and caps to the UK. Wear it loud, wear it proud!

Cayler & Sons – premium headwear

CAYLER & SONS is the new player in the cap game. Premium quality headwear with innovative designs and graphics are key characteristics for this up and coming brand. Staying true to their motto: “for true heads-by true heads”, CAYLER & SONS never fail to deliver unparalleled designs with a twist, that proves snapbacks don’t always have to be a “team thing”. It is the extra attention to detail such as the trademark CAYLER & SONS underbrim print and strive for perfection, that separates this newcomer from other headwear brands. The brands “carry on tradition” box, which comes with every cap, will ensure that each CAYLER & SONS piece becomes a collectors item. CAYLER & SONS - now available on!

Adelheid – a special brand

Shopping is indeed fun - no question. But as it happens every high street or shopping mall has pretty much the same chains. Where has individuality gone? Who decided everyone should wear the same clothes? Our online fashion shop offers the remedy! Our brands are still relatively unknown, but that is what makes them so interesting. In our online fashion shop there are numerous labels from around the world, but we also stock designers from countries such as Germany which are up and coming in the fashion world. Behind the brand Adelheid for example, are the Berlin designer pair Gita and Peter Plotnicki, who, in their workshop create romantic and cute fashion accessories with playful details.

Beardski – Git yer beard on...

Beardski is a big hit in the United States. Functional and ingenious, the neoprene mask offers optimum protection on the ski slopes or on a motorbike. The beard is available in 8 different designs to suit every taste, and is guaranteed to attract attention! Beardski is made of neoprene and fleece, and feels great on the skin, protecting face, ears and neck from the cold. Be among the first to attract attention wearing Beardski. Get your Beard on...

Paperwallet – wallets and card holders

Our online store not is not limited to fancy and trendy fashion, it offers practical items too. The Paperwallet team designs innovative and funky wallets from paper, with the aim of exciting visual appearance without compromise on practical application or environmental impact. Through its collaboration with artists from around the world Paperwallet creates a fresh and lively style and has been rewarded with a loyal following of customers. Paperwallets are made of Tyvek paper and are extremely thin, waterproof, tear-resistant, comfortable to the touch, and yet 100% recyclable!

There are as many fashion retailers on the internet as there are fish in the sea, but not many offer individual and cutting-edge fashion like Nifty Fashion & Trends. This fashion shop offers, as the name suggests, the hottest trends. We source our fashion from various countries around the world and our range is extraordinarily diverse and therefore unique. Here you will find items you feel you have been looking for elsewhere forever. Our online fashion shop offers something for every taste. No matter what items you select from our online fashion shop, all our products have something special.

Some garments are made from environmentally friendly materials, others impress with their unique design and others through practicality. On our website you will find information about what exactly makes the various labels stocked by our online fashion store special and unique. Simply click on the brand name and brief but useful information will appear instantly. It’s nice to know the story behind a brand, and to know what makes the product unique, but it's even nicer to own one of these special fashion items.

Japan Rags – environmentally friendly jeans

Some people are fashionistas and many spicystyles clients certainly are. And some fashionistas care about our planet and the environment they live in. 

It's a little known fact that the production of one pair of jeans can use up to 100 litres of water, and that every year up to 2.3 billion pairs of jeans are "washed out" during production, however, Japan Rags jeans are the first to be bleached without water - a unique process. The bleaching technology developed by Japan Rags protects the environment and turns jeans into an environmentally friendly product. As Japan Rags' ad campaign points out: ZERO litres of water needed during production. Japan Rags offers premium quality and trendy vintage fashion. Besides sweaters, T-shirts and shirts Japan Rags are primarily known for their jeans, which have a sporty, trendy cut, great for any occasion. – selected brands conveniently ordered from the comfort of your home

Nifty is no ordinary online fashion shop. We not only offer the latest fashion, we will also regularly inform our customers about the latest styles and trends from around the world; all you need to do is to register for our free newsletter. You will then be the first to learn about new brands that we have included in our online fashion store and each new subscriber will receive a £5.00 voucher which can be used for future purchases! In addition our newsletter subscribers will receive information about promotions and competitions and also discount vouchers!

And the best thing about this clothing & accessory store? It's so convenient to shop from home! No busy shopping malls or car parks, no queue at the checkout, no carrying heavy bags. The order process is very easy; simply choose your desired garment in your size by adding it to the basket with one click, then review and submit your order. Payments can currently be made either in advance via credit card, Amazon Payments, or via Paypal – a popular and secure payment method. For all orders delivery within the UK is free for all orders over £30 spend! And don’t worry, when buying from our fashion store, we have a no-fuss returns policy of 14 days if you don’t like the goods or if they simply don’t fit.

Think global when it comes to fashion trends – the Nifty online fashion store will make it happen!